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Our Product

There are so many copies of copies out there. We are not saying it's bad to copy. We just believe in customer-centric design thinking

  • Sales

    Buymore POS enables you to capture cash, card and mobile money sales. You no longer need to record sales on a receipt book

  • Manage Inventory

    Track your stock quantity in real time and get instant alerts when stock levels run low.

  • Expenses Monitoring

    Using the Buymore POS, you can track both your cost of goods and petty cash expenses. You will no longer need to buy petty cash books.

  • Receipts

    Choose between issuing print receipts or digital receipts via SMS or email

  • Offline/Online

    The Buymore POS works both offline and online. This ensures that your business is not interrupted in anyway when Internet connectivity goes down or is not available.

  • Admin Dashboard

    Our interactive web dashboard allows you to view and print reports, and at the same time run analysis on your business performance, wherever you are.

Continuous Innovation

At Buymore, we believe, awesomeness is not a one-time shot but a lifetime. We ensure this philosophy through a continuous product improvement mantra.
We don't operate in silos, and its our promise to incorporate your valuable feedback in this process

Why Our Product?

  • Mobile First

    Buymore POS is an application that can work on any android smartphone or tablet. We have lowered the hardware costs which means you no longer need a computer or local server to get started. All you need is a phone.

  • Affordable

    Buymore POS is billed on a pay as you go basis. This means you only pay for the POS when you use it, and you only pay for the features your business needs.

  • Easy to Use

    Buymore POS was designed after intensive customer-centred research and input. On top of it, it's continuosly improved therefore offering a stunningly simple to use and an amazing user experience to the cashiers and business owners

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